How to Announce to Your Child They’ll Be a Big Brother or Sister!

A s you have more kids there is added fun in announcing it to your children. This is an exciting time for you and your family, so throughout all the craziness and remember to enjoy it! Here are a few of our favorite ideas in breaking the news to the kiddies.

  •  Apparel That Says It All
    Giving them something to wear is a great idea because they will love to show it off to all their friends and family! For your daughter you could either make or purchase a t-shirt that says, “I’m The Big Sister” and for your son a baseball hat that reads “#1 Big Brother!”
  • A “Sweet” Surprise
    Yummy treats are always a good idea for any occasion. You could make a cake, a giant cookie, cupcakes or their favorite candy. You could write a message in frosting or color them pink and blue and have them try to guess what they mean.

  • Not Your Average Greeting Card
    Create a card with the sonogram picture on the inside with a special message like, “I can’t wait to meet you! Love, your little brother or sister.” Tell them you have a card for them from someone special and watch them light up as they read it!
  • A Special Celebrity Appearance
    This one requires a little more creativity, but anything that includes music is instantly more fun. Making a music video for your kids would be a blast that no one would forget! Take a fun song, tweak the lyrics and record a short video. Be careful if you do it as well as these parents you may have some paparazzi in the near future!

Ultimately it doesn’t matter how you tell them, all that really matters is that your family is growing! It is important that your children know they are not being replaced and that they are just as much a part of this as you are. Don’t forget to record their reaction, it’s a priceless moment you are going to want to look back on!

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