How to Reduce Bullying at Preschool

How to Reduce Bullying at Preschool

As much as we try to protect our children, studies show that more than half of children will experience bullying at some point in their lives. Bullying can take place as early as preschool. To protect your child, learn to recognize signs of bullying and the steps you can undertake to prevent your child from being bullied again.

Recognize the signs of a bullied preschooler:

  • Sudden unexplained fear of going to preschool
  • Being withdrawn or depressed
  • Coming home with unexplained injuries
  • Complaining about another child (or other children) doing or saying mean things
  • Avoiding eye contact when asked about preschool and seeming embarrassed or ashamed
  • Complaining of headaches and/or stomachaches when they are not sick
  • Being clingy and whiny when dropped off at preschool

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