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Switching Daycares: 7 Tips For a Smooth Transition

Switching Daycares: 7 Tips For a Smooth Transition

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Mia Evans

Thanks for pointing out that we need to ensure that we do a test run when transitioning to new day…

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In our recent post about what to expect when starting daycare or preschool, we said that starting daycare is a lot like flying. The first takeoff in particular can be stressful before the whole crew (you, your child and your child care provider) reaches a “cruising altitude” comfort zone. While switching daycares may not be as big of a change as starting the very first time, it’s not easy either!

Just as layovers are difficult for even the most seasoned travelers, switching daycares or preschools will have its own turbulence pockets for both parents and children. Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth crew change.

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