Bright Beginning Children's Learning Center, Crownsville

US Crownsville MD 21032
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Bright Beginning Children's Learning Center is a licensed child care center in Crownsville, MD. At Bright Beginning Children's Learning Center, we enroll children as young as 24 months through 5 years old. We are open from 6:30am to 6:30pm. Contact us to schedule a tour and discover for yourself all Bright Beginning Children's Learning Center has to offer.

Sparking Curiosity, Interest and Independence

Children in this age group are filled with energy and curiosity about the world and are beginning to develop a new sense of independence. At this age they are highly active and interested in objects and people. They are undergoing rapid development in many areas, and are eager for attention to help them learn and understand basic things about the world around them.

Our Bright Start Developmental Program is designed to support and reinforce the independence your child exhibits. Our program provides the structure and guidance they need throughout their day as they learns to share, get along with others and perform tasks that require a longer attention span. Listening to stories, singing songs, playing games and doing art projects help develop language and vocabulary skills, as well as movement and sensory motor skills. The Bright Start Program focuses on developing these skills and readying your child for his or her next step.

Here at Bright Beginning Children's Learning Center, we focus on the development of the whole child. We take into consideration that in order for a child to grow and succeed in learning, we must meet their needs in all stages of development; Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development and Cognitive Development are the key elements in each child's basic needs of growth.

Physical Development:​

Physical Development is encouraged and fostered in our program by giving all students the opportunity to engage and participate in active physical learning. We strive to create an environment that promotes the use of both fine and gross motor skills. Our students have active play at least three times a day outside on our large playground. We encourage children to run, climb, balance, and utilize many different types of playground equipment and materials!

In addition to their outside play, we also have an indoor physical education program that is designed to educate children about the health and wellness of their bodies! The students learn about different muscles, sports, games, equipment and physical abilities! Healthy bodies equal healthy minds!

Social and Emotional Development:​

Social and Emotional Development is important to the growth and development of all children. At Bright Beginning, we work hard to ensure that all children's social and emotional needs are being met. Through quality peer and personal relationships, students will make strong connections and bonds with both the teachers and the other students. We encourage positive problem solving skills, we recognize each child's emotional development and needs and we promote compassion and empathy. Our teachers model positive attitudes towards each other, families and children and also towards learning. When children feel supported, encouraged and connected they open their minds to greater learning!

Cognitive Development:​

Cognitive Development is more than just learning our ABC's and 123's! Cognitive learning is promoted and facilitated by encouraging each child to learn HOW to think, not necessarily WHAT to think! We provide and environment that allows all students to explore, discover, question and problem solve! Children gain knowledge by having hands on experiences to their learning! We have many areas of play and learning and through child initiated activities, the students are able to find meaningful learning experiences throughout their entire day! When students are eager to discover their environment and the world around them, learning is fun and meaningful.

Additional information

  • This school offers Spanish.
  • This provider offers the following extra-curricular activities: Exercise & Fitness and Technology.
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