Best Daycares in Agoura Hills CA

Daycares in Agoura Hills CA

Partners In Learning Preschool And Kindergarten
A school's philosophy sets the standards by which the school performs its functions. At Partners in Learning, our philosophy has been developed through years of successful and dedicated commitment to the education of young children. We express our philosophy with C.A.R.E. Commitment Our teachers are committed to preparing our children for their educational journey. We encourage positive social skills and help our children develop a sense of confidence that is so vital for each child. Attention Attention to the needs of our children is of prime importance at Partners in Learning. We see each child as a special individual and we encourage active participation with hands on experiences so each child can grow and develop fully at his or her own pace. In an environment of warmth and acceptance where learning is fun and exciting, the child's sense of security and self esteem can thrive. Respect At Partners in Learning, respect for our children is a tradition. Care and consideration for each child's feelings are a priority. We feel very strongly that a child who is treated with respect will learn to treat others with respect in return. By providing developmentally appropriate environments that encourage learning for each age level, the child is able to enjoy the best educational experience in an atmosphere where creativity and a positive self-image can grow. Education The curriculum at Partners in Learning has been specially chosen for its exceptional quality and excellence. Providing excellent teachers with the best available resources for their classrooms ensures a pleasurable and rewarding educational journey. We also feel parents need open communication with our school, encouragement to participate in their child's education, and to be given opportunities to learn more about their children. Education is a family affair that includes the school, the parents and the children. We are here for you.

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Ilan Ramon Day School

In 1995 a Transitional Kindergarten, First Grade, and combination... Second/Third Grade class were added, bringing the total number of children to 72. The school was now pushing the limits of its rented premises, the Gateway Four Corners Church in Agoura. As our population grew, our Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes moved to our present site in 1997, while Grades 1 through 5 remained at the church site until 1998. Presently, Ilan Ramon Day School serves children ages 2-11 on a beautiful 9 acre site in Agoura. Ilan Ramon Day School was founded as Heschel West in 1994 by a group of four families with the dream of starting a Jewish day school in the Conejo Valley. Under the guidance and support of Shirley Levine z?l, Head of School Heschel Day School, Heschel West opened its doors with 14 kindergarteners. Ilan Ramon Day School is an independent community Jewish pre school and day school devoted to developing understanding and respect for our tradition, and the divergent modes of Jewish belief and practice. Fundamental to our school philosophy is the development of each individual learner to his/her highest potential in both general academics, and Judaic Studies thereby enabling each student to attain a positive Jewish identification, sound self-esteem, and a love for learning. Our school is a community in every sense of the word. We teach by example how to respect peoples’ differences, to care for others, and to help those in need. Self esteem, respect, community service, mitzvoth (good deeds) are every bit as important as the challenging academic studies that fill our students’ days. Ilan Ramon Day School, previously known as Heschel West, is a 2008 National Blue Ribbon award winning school. Our students’ scores are in the top 10\\% of the nation. Preschool at Ilan Ramon Day School: Research indicates that the process of learning is as important as the product. With that in mind, we provide an individualized, experiential and developmental program that emphasizes the development of thinking, problem solving, verbalization of feelings, creative self-expression independence, physical and social development, a love of Judaism, in addition to the mastery of academic skills. Our enriched curriculum integrates language arts, social studies, mathematics, science and Judaic concepts with art, music, and dance. Credentialed, nurturing educators support our youngest learners as they are encouraged to explore, question, and create on this beginning educational and spiritual journey. On any given day, one can observe our preschool students … -Learning reading readiness through creative literature experiences and language arts centers -Utilizing concrete manipulatives to understand measurement, number concepts and problem solving -Discovering the world by exploring nature and science in their environment -Learning and living in a caring community where social skills, Torah values, and life lessons are of the highest importance -Learning about community through creative block and dramatic play -Strengthening their physical skills by participating in our accredited Physical Education program -Leading Shabbat services, experiencing the richness of Jewish holidays and developing Hebrew language skills through everyday experiences, prayer and song -At Ilan Ramon Day School, our early childhood students discover the wonder and joy of learning as they develop awareness of self and of others in a social setting.

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