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Precious Little Ones Daycare

"Colorful learning environment for children with lots of fun activities "

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Faces of Hope Child Development Center

"Faces of Hope has an outstanding program my grandchildren started at age 18 mos and 3 yrs old until they came school age and then they attended the Summer Camp. I was a blessing to have found this..."

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Other Catholic Daycares Near District Heights MD

Sacred Hearts Nursery School

The Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary have been a part of the Riverdale Park community since 1974 when they converted a single... family home into a convent and nursery school. The nursery school is the main source of financial support for the sisters who live in the convent and a vital resource for the community which serves the needs of children and families in Prince George’s County near Washington D.C. In our little town 16\\% of children live below the poverty line. e serve a vital need to working families in our community by providing day care a cost well below the going area rate. This is vital source of support for the families we serve who are largely the working poor in our community. Plus we provide a loving and nurturing educational environment year round for the most needy in our surrounding community - the little children. The children receive several meals a day at the school. Given the shockingly low rate of tuition compared to other comparable, area schools, the sisters have been forced to rely on donations of food from the community to make affordable, nutritious meals for the children. Seven years ago Sister Ada Grano had a vision to serve many more children. The nursery school was limited by physical space requirements required by Maryland law to only accommodate 20 children. In Easter 2015, our school was granted permission to serve 30 children. The need was so great the additional slots were filled immediately. In the past several years we were forced to turn away many needy children because we were at capacity. The renovation added an additional 500 square feet to the already existing space. A new playground was added as well as a circular driveway for a safe drop off and to eliminate traffic hazards. For the first time ever the facility is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and as a result can now accept disabled and special needs students for the first time.

St. Mary's Catholic School

Welcome to St. Mary's Catholic School! Each day we strive to provide a sound academic program, traditional in its overall approach, but also... incorporating the latest in educational innovations. All of this is guided by the Office of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Arlington. Above all, our goal is to educate our children in the ways of Faith. Our Catholicity is of the utmost importance to me and to the administration, staff, and faculty of our school. In addition, our hope is that by their very presence at St. Mary's, our students gain a deeper understanding of the teachings, moral and doctrinal, of our Catholic Faith and learn how to live these in their daily lives. Christian virtues need to permeate all we do. This includes the love of Christ, otherwise known as Christian charity. Purity, humility, generosity, prudence, justice, and integrity are all part of a holy life. The ability to defend the Faith and the courage to do so when that is not easy are so crucial to being on the road to heaven. Ultimately, that is the primary reason for our existence as a Catholic school. We want our children to become saints, that is, to get to heaven someday. St. Mary's is a school rich in history and tradition. We are the oldest school in the Diocese of Arlington, and the school has been a true blessing to our parish for over 140 years. Our academics, extracurriculars and all the sacramental opportunities that are offered at St. Mary's give our students opportunities for growth and grace. While our school is dynamic, and ever-changing to fit the needs of our students and parents, we maintain a respect for the history and traditions that have been a part of our past. Central to our mission, always, is the fact that Christ is at the center of our efforts.

St. Charles Catholic Church

In 2004, Saint Charles Preschool began as an extension of the Saint Charles School education program. It is recognized that early childhood education... is a critical component of the lifetime journey of learning. It is the goal of the staff of Saint Charles Preschool that each child in our program has the opportunity to continue the recognition of the wonder of God's creation through the experiences provided. From the first cry, a child begins the learning process. We recognize that parents and teachers and students are all partners in that educational process. The curriculum is not just the goals of the program and the planned activities but also the daily schedule, the availability and use of materials, transitions between activities and the way in which routine tasks of living are implemented. Young children are expected to learn through active and positive manipulation of the environment and concrete experiences that contribute to concept development. The daily schedule is intended to provide a balance of activities with attention to the following dimension of scheduling: Daily outdoor play, weather permitting Alternating periods of quiet time and active play A balance of large muscle and small muscle activities is provided Various small group or large group activities through most of the day A balance of child-initiated and staff-initiated activity is provided. The amount of time spent in staff-initiated, large group activity is limited. Saint Charles Preschool offers programs for children ages three to five.

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