Best Daycare Centers in Olney MD

Daycare Centers in Olney MD

Maryland Child Services
At Maryland Child Services Inc. Centers, our program and academic curriculum are founded on our philosophy or nurturing well-rounded, balanced individuals. We integrate age appropiate academic, creative, social and physical activities throughout the day. We recognize that each child is unique, and our program hast built in flexibility to address each child's strengths and weaknesses, as we prepare them for kindergarden. We daily explore new subjects, work on art and music project, examine the world about us. We believe pre-school will have a profound effect on the social well-being of the child for years to come. For this reason, we emphasize social activities, such as eating together, collaborating and problem-solving on project in groups, and outdoor play time. Our staff interact with and engage the children in a wide range of activities. We recognize that the field of early childhood education is a dynamic, evolving subject and best-practices and new approaches emerge with it. Consequently, we require our staff to annually attend early childhood education related workshops, conferences, and or complete colleges course work in order to stay current with new research findings and be able to confidently implement them into the classroom. We know that young children learn best by doing, so we are hands-on in our classroom activities. And finally, it is only through a strong partnership with a child's family that we can help the child achieve his/her goals, so we further stress the importance of maintaining open and candid communication at all times.
St. John's Episcopal Preschool
Welcome to St. John's Episcopal School’s website. Whether you are a St. John’s student, parent, graduate, teacher, or visitor, our website will give you a sense of who we are, what is happening around the school, and our mission. Founded in 1961 as an outreach of St. John's Episcopal Church, we are celebrating the 53rd year of St. John’s Episcopal School’s commitment “to graduate students of character and faith,” while offering a rigorous academic curriculum with a focus on character education. Affirming our religious heritage, we reach out to people of all faiths and backgrounds. I invite you to browse the website, learn more about our academic program, the arts and athletics, our global perspective, and our community of faith. Centered around a rich, research-based curriculum, St. John's is a traditional school with many strengths and offerings. In the long-established Episcopal tradition of education, "Students are encouraged to fulfill their unique potential through intellectual, moral, and spiritual challenge." From the very youngest students to our eighth-graders, we prepare each child for a successful future in high school and in life. From communication to mathematics, from our school community to our role in the global community, from technology to character education, a St. John’s education is focused on preparing our students for whatever the future might bring. Our youngest students learn aspects of Six Traits Writing which is cultivated and expanded upon in later years. Our oldest students apply themselves to earn spots on our service-learning trips and/or the middle school Model United Nations' experience in New York City or Washington, D.C. Character and faith continue to be idealistic pillars of the school. The H.E.R.O.E.S.™ Character Education Program gives common language and organizational structure to character development, while our Traits for Success provides guidance and instruction. Throughout, our child-centered program encourages our students to be active participants in their own education and offers leadership opportunities. The best way to get to know St. John’s Episcopal School is to experience it in person. Our students, parents, graduates, and our faculty and administration, all know that the atmosphere and spirit of St. John’s comes alive in the relationships and interactions that occur in the classrooms, the gymnasium, on the athletic fields and throughout the campus. I hope that you will visit St. John’s, learn about our educational programs, and experience the warmth and faithfulness of our community. Most sincerely, Thomas R. Stevens Head of School

Recent Reviews in Olney MD

Colesville Park Bilingual Playhouse

"I was so nervous to enroll my infant in a home daycare. The moment I walked into this daycare, all my concerns quickly faded. The space was entirely dedicated for the daycare. This provider was so"

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Georgian Forest Day School

"My daughter started at 18mo in August, and loves it there. Wasn't sure how she would do with the transition but she fit right in. Entire basement is setup for daycare, lots of toys and learning..."

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Other Daycare Centers Near Olney MD

The Children In The Shoe

The key to successful learning experiences is to figure out what... interests your child. We help your child develop a love of learning. Active play is at the heart of children’s learning. We encourage them to observe, explore, take things apart, build, create, draw, and see what they can find out.

Early Childhood School At B'nai Shalom of Olney

The curriculum at The Early Childhood School is designed to be... developmentally appropriate for each group of children, with particular emphasis on meeting the individual needs and interests of each child. We strive to create an atmosphere where learning experiences will occur and where children take an active part in the learning process. Our classrooms are arranged to maximize children's play, thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum includes a literacy circle, music, art, puzzles and games, small and large muscle activities, field trips and shows, cooking, science and nature. To give the children the foundation they need to be successful in elementary school, our curriculum includes kindergarten readiness skills. Pre-academics will include exposure to colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and basic phonemic awareness skills. Our teachers use the Montgomery County Indicators of Learning as a guide for their planning. It is our goal that our students will be ready for kindergarten from the foundation of learning they receive at the ECS. Our program is play based and presents cognitive learning with developmentally appropriate materials and strategies in classrooms that meet children's interests and needs. It is our desire to provide a warm, loving Jewish environment where each child feels secure and happy and where learning is meaningful and fun. All children are welcome. We offer both full time and part time programs, 3-5 days a week. Enrichment classes are offered each afternoon and include science, yoga, cooking, literacy, Hebrew, soccer, martial arts, and more!

Sandy Spring Friends School

Sandy Spring Friends School is a pre-K through 12 Quaker coed college... preparatory day school with optional boarding program in the Upper School. The Lower School years are a time of exploration and discovery. We view our students as active participants in their learning. We seek daily to create an environment in which children can follow their curiosity into experimentation and engagement, applying their energy to full participation in collaborative learning, hands-on activities and opportunities for academic enrichment. Our students learn best when creative thinking, active listening and positive interaction are reinforced in the classroom and at play. By asking questions and seeking answers, each child remains receptive to taking ownership of all aspects of learning. In order to support their growing self-advocacy, we offer a nurturing and responsive approach to instruction. All children pass through cognitive stages of growth, yet differ in the rates and patterns of that growth. We acknowledge that individual factors such as culture, interests, beliefs and learning styles contribute to these developmental differences and enrich our Lower School student body. At each grade level, we strive to provide time, appropriate challenge, positive experiences and acceptance. While we value the products of learning, we place even greater value on the ongoing process of learning and the development of higher level thinking skills and deeper conceptual understanding. Our hope for students is that they discover, and continue to rediscover, the joy of learning throughout their lives. We believe in the value of establishing a foundation for interdependence, as well as independence, by emphasizing cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy and self-control. In keeping with our Quaker belief of that of God in everyone, we honor the unique gifts within each child. We focus on every student’s academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth. By emphasizing the individual strengths of our students, we nurture their sense of self-worth and give them the confidence to take risks within a safe and supportive environment. Lower School students are encouraged to be responsible and responsive listeners and fully present members of a community. Through active listening and interactive modeling, they demonstrate their understanding and readiness to learn. By allowing every person to have a voice and a chance to shine, they recognize that each of their fellow students should be revered for their ideas, experiences and expertise. Our dedication to celebrating diversity, nurturing awareness, and inspiring compassion among our students sustains our community of global citizens. Through our emphasis on peaceful conflict resolution, community service and a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, our Lower School students become involved and invested in making a positive impact on the world community.

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