Best Chinese Daycares in Woodland Hills CA

Chinese Daycares in Woodland Hills CA

Montessori On The Boulevard
Located in Tarzana CA, Montessori on the Blvd. serves the communities of Tarzana, Encino, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and the greater San Fernando Valley. We offer a safe, beautiful campus for your child to learn and thrive. Our curriculum emphasizes an all-encompassing, comprehensive approach to learning through all five senses. We are aware that children learn at their own pace and in their own way, and our Montessori school supports Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy and curriculum, which stands behind each child's capacity to perform great accomplishments through the nourishment and proactivity of a proper learning environment. Our Montessori school offers the tools, backed by the professional expertise, to instill confidence and education into your child's academic life. The end result is an environment comprised of creativity to flourish and succeed later in life. As a traditional Montessori school we are not just a daycare facility, instead, we are the West San Fernando Valley's premier preschool, kindergarten and infant daycare. Our educational approach was developed by Italian physician and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori in the 1900's. Serving children from birth to 18 years old, Montessori education is practiced in approximately 20,000 schools throughout the world. At Montessori on the Blvd., we offer classrooms for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age. Characterized by an emphasis on respect for a child's natural psychological development, the Montessori type of education supplies a child the freedom of expression and independence. A day at our Tarzana Montessori school includes a student's choice of activities, from a range of options, uninterrupted blocks of work time, and specialized educational materials developed by Dr. Montessori and her collaborators.
Hill Point Montessori Prepatory School
Our philosophy is based upon Dr. Maria Montessori's vast understanding of children and their natural tendencies to explore and become independent. Children are innately curious about the world around them, and the classroom is a place where the child is able to move freely and choose from a multitude of fascinating materials to interact with, in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that all children are unique and learn at their own pace, which is one of the reasons our classrooms have mixed age groups. Children should always have the opportunity to advance and develop according to their pace, and learning should never be stifled just because of age. The mixed ages classroom allows for that progression to occur which is why it is so successful. The younger children are able to look to their older peers for inspiration and help, and the older students are given a chance to teach their younger peers giving them a sense of empowerment and confidence. Maria Montessori believed that instead of forcefully teaching a child, teachers should instead become "directors" and "quietly follow the child" to understand what interests the child and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. By observing the child carefully, our trained Montessori teachers are able to create learning experiences and cater a curriculum based on the individual child to encourage real learning and growth, giving children the ability to be active participants in their educational journey.

Recent Reviews in Woodland Hills CA

Turning Point Montessori

"One of the best schools in the San Fernando Valley. Both my children have attended this school and both have made serious improvements. They have helped my children read and become independent"

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Noorzay Family Child Care

"My kids love this daycare, I have gone threw many daycares in the past. Raz just has this amazing way with kids, they love her dearly. She has made it very easy for me to go back to work stress..."

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Other Chinese Daycares Near Woodland Hills CA

Exploring Minds Montessori Pre-School

Exploring Minds Montessori preschool provides a developmentally based... learning environment based on the Montessori principals that guide and nurture the harmonious unfolding of the whole individual. We offer a mixed-age program for children from 2.6 to 6 years old. Our philosophy is based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator. She developed a program designed to foster the distinct growth of self-disciplined and confident individuals who are capable of making significant contributions to society by fulfilling their highest potential. All of the classroom materials aid in building a strong learning foundation, they help children build sensory and motor skills, lengthen concentration span, develop problem solving techniques, teach children to care for themselves and to work with others, to name a few. Our specially trained Montessori teachers prepare a carefully arranged environment scaled physically and conceptually to meet the child's developmental staples. In the Prepared Environment, children may choose activities according to their diverse needs and desires. The teachers' role in the classroom is to guide children by introducing them to new materials and activities as they gain greater levels of mastery. Cooperative projects help children bring together individual talents to accomplish common goals. Our school's program also incorporates a vast enrichment curriculum that includes the studies of languages, art, music, drama and movement. The Montessori method may be new for some of you, so if you should have any questions, we hope you will freely ask them.

The Learning Experience

Thank you for your interest in The Learning Experience® at Simi... Valley, CA. We offer premier child care to children ages six weeks to six years. The Learning Experience is not just a daycare facility but also a complete child development center with a dynamic and fun environment that is committed to quality care and education of your child. Our parents have confidence each day that their child is being taken care of in a loving and respectful environment. We extend the offer to all families to come visit us and see why The Learning Experience is the perfect home away from home. We know that choosing care for your little one(s) is an important decision and greatly affects the life of your child and your family. We pride ourselves on our warm and loving teachers, phenomenal curriculums and the simple extras that make bringing your child to day care an easy and stress free event. Our unique programs are based upon years of research and early childhood education experience and that is why we pride ourselves on offering both excellent academic programming as well as a variety of enrichment programs all free of charge to our children. Our schools are divided into classrooms based on age and development beginning with our state-of-the-art infant rooms. From there, children advance into the Toddlers, Twaddlers, Preppers, Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten programs. The Learning Experience® is extremely proud of our proprietary curriculum, "L.E.A.P®", or The Learning Experience's Academic Program. At TLE we realize that how children learn is as important as what they learn and encourage each child to achieve success while acquiring invaluable social skills. L.E.A.P. is broken into three separate stages based on age and development beginning with Little Learners and progressing through L.E.A.P.® 1 and L.E.A.P.® 2. All children participate in one or more of our enrichment programs provided by Charlie Choo Choo® Enrichment Programs, whose certified instructors come directly to the childrens classrooms. Programs including Music 4 Me®, Dancing Feet®, Suddenly Science®, Marvelous Math®, Start to Art®, Movin' & Grovin'® and Fun with Phonics® further develop each child's imagination, socialization skills, mind and body. The programs rotate every twelve weeks and the program(s) each class receives is determined upon age appropriateness. In addition, we believe what is good for one child is good for all and that is why we never charge our parents for enrichment programs.

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