Best Special Needs Daycares in Woodland Hills CA

Special Needs Daycares in Woodland Hills CA

Recent Reviews in Woodland Hills CA

Turning Point Montessori

"One of the best schools in the San Fernando Valley. Both my children have attended this school and both have made serious improvements. They have helped my children read and become independent"

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Noorzay Family Child Care

"My kids love this daycare, I have gone threw many daycares in the past. Raz just has this amazing way with kids, they love her dearly. She has made it very easy for me to go back to work stress..."

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Other Special Needs Daycares Near Woodland Hills CA

Best Years Preschool

Our educational programs take into account each child's social,... emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical developmental needs. Each of our programs addresses the whole child.We believe children are happy and secure when they have plenty of opportunities to succeed each day. Success breeds self-confidence and self-confident children approach learning as fun, and actively search for information and solutions to problems. As a result they develop into well-rounded, capable adults. All of our programs offer age- and developmentally-appropriate curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment. Our theme-based lesson plans keep children interested and make learning fun. Children practice pre-reading and math skills, are exposed to other cultures and traditions, have group experiences in the classroom and on the play yard, move to the rhythm of music, and reinforce concepts through educational computer programs. Experience is the best teacher and we give children the opportunity to participate in many guided experiences in learning situations. Spiritual Foundation: Best Years Preschool provides children with an added element to their educational curriculum. Using bible stories and songs to teach compassionate life ethics, inner strength and joy, we offer stepping stones to enhance their future outlook above and beyond their academic training. Through loving attention and answering their needs quickly, they come to understand that adults are there to help them as an extension of God's love. Psycho/Social: Children are encouraged to learn emotional maturity through conflict resolution, understanding spatial responsibility, as well experiencing their own independence and self worth. By providing an environment for preschoolers to identify, find similarities and differences between people and things, they are assisted in embracing the multi-cultural richness of our society. Cognitive: Language learning includes letter recognition, writing, imaginative story telling through dictation. Math through sequencing, patterning, number recognition and measurements. Science through experimentation, nature studies, cooking. Art through the encouragement of process not product in crafts, assembling, drawing, painting, sculpturing. Each field overlapping in one cognitive whole. Motor/Physical: Every activity on campus strengthens small and large motor skills. Whether children are riding bicycles, digging, using a pencil, playing with play dough or manipulative toys, running, climbing, swinging, dancing, and much much more. Best Years Preschool is a licensed child care center in Woodland Hills, CA with the license issued by the L. A. Daycare-No. We are a large center. Please email us for more information.

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