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Galang Family Child Care

"My daughter has been with Mamadon and her daughter Trish since she was 10 months old and is now 4 years, and words can not express how grateful I am to them, they take care of the kids as if they are"

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Safa Family Day Care

"I used the daycare on the recommendation of another parent. Yes, they were loving towards my child but there are too many things wrong with this place. First, owner shows you around 3 roooms - 1 play..."

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Other Hebrew Daycares Near West Hollywood CA

Garden School: Chabad Westside Preschool

The philosophy of The Garden School/Chabad Gan Israel Preschools is predicated on the principle that early childhood education is the foundation for... future learning. We are committed to the total education of our young children by providing developmentally appropriate cognitive and social and emotional growth curricula. We adhere to the belief that a quality program must include a caring environment in which the emotional and intellectual needs of our students are fostered and refined in order for each child to reach his/her full potential; that a dedicated, caring, professional staff is the key to excellence; that by creating an ideal physical environment we can inspire our students to be participants in acquiring knowledge; that by incorporating our environment into our full curriculum, we can provide our children with the tools and skills where they become aware of learning in a positive way; that our approach to learning through acquiring wisdom, understanding and knowledge at each child's level, is an essential component; that the family is an integral part of the education process; and that an atmosphere of enthusiasm for learning, an affection for traditions, strong ethics and values and mutual respect between children, parents and teachers, are essential ingredients in education. Within a developmentally appropriate program, and caring environment, our goal is to address the social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth of each child. Our focus is to prepare children who emerge from our schools as personally and socially competent, effective learners, proficient in physical and motor abilities at their age level, feeling safe, secure and healthy, and having families that support their learning and development who help their child achieve their personal goals.

The Levy Family Early Childhood Center

Our Philosophy The Levy Family ECC offers a safe, stimulating environment that provides hands-on experience, encourages curiosity, and inspires... imagination, creating independent thinkers, problem solvers, and enthusiastic learners. Following the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), we promote positive relationships in children, instilling self-esteem and confidence while respecting each child as a unique learner. Our ECC implements a developmental play-based philosophy, promoting the cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and intellectual development of the young child, with special emphasis on Judaic values. Our daily activities are enhanced by enrichment programs such as art, yoga, music, and physical activities. “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” ” Our Goals To provide an environment that facilitates the development of active enthusiastic learners and self-thinkers. To celebrate and encourage each child’s individuality, and uniqueness by instilling self-esteem. To teach and celebrate Jewish tradition and values while infusing a love for and commitment to Israel. To provide passionate, knowledgeable, qualified staff members who nurture and inspire the development of young minds. To provide a curriculum that promotes the cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and intellectual development of the young child, with special emphasis on Judaic values. This goal is supported by a play-based philosophy. To provide a safe, warm community in which families passionately engage in celebrating their Jewish identity. Kabbalat Shabbat Weekly Shabbat services that are celebrated in the classroom and the sanctuary with children and their families. Kabbalat Shabbat is a time for preschool age children to become familiar with the sights, sounds and even the flavors of Shabbat. Led by our ECC director Eva Wysocki, and Rabbi Sesler, children and their families, will enjoy stories, songs and engaging activities to create a meaningful Shabbat experience. Club Ivrit This program will enhance your child’s vocabulary in Hebrew through conversation, songs, and games. Children will spend their time in class speaking Hebrew, while engaging in hands-on activities to gain knowledge of the state of Israel, with an affirmative sense of belonging to the Jewish people. Choosing the right school is a life changing decision. We welcome your interest in choosing the Levy Family early Childhood Center, and sharing our vision.

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