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Methodist Daycares in Port Hueneme CA

Happy Ventures Preschool
We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child. We hope your family will become a part of our preschool program and share with us the richness of everyday life - the joys, the hurts, the needs, and the fulfillment’s. Please drop in often for informal visits; you are always welcome. The staff at Happy Ventures is very anxious to work with you to provide a nurturing learning environment for your child as he/she gains self-esteem. Many research studies have been completed which demonstrate the positive effects of parents involvement regarding children’s achievement, self-esteem, motivation, and language skills. The investigations show beneficial results for children, parents, and in some cases for younger siblings. We look forward to involving you and your child in our program. Please check out the rest of the site as it contains a more in depth look into our philosophy, policies and organization; the experiences your child will have; and ways we can cooperate with each other to fulfill mutual goals. Happy Ventures admits children who are 6 weeks old through age 5. The director leads each family through a number of steps prior to a child’s admission into the school. We hope that all parents will choose Happy Ventures Preschool because we represent their own philosophical beliefs regarding early childhood care and education. We allow an adjustment period of 6 weeks for the parents and teachers to assess whether the child’s needs can be met within the school environment.

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"Maria took care of my girl when she was 2 and i,miss her very much. I'm happy to say that 6 years later I have a new baby that is 1 month old and I would be very happy if she had any room to take"

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