Best Montessori Daycares in Granada Hills CA

Montessori Daycares in Granada Hills CA

Casa Montessori
Casa Montessori, located in Northridge, California, is a Full-Member School of the American Montessori Society and has been serving families in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys for over four decades. We welcome children ages 2 to 4.9 years old in our Primary program and children 5 to 12 years old in our Elementary Program. Casa Montessori was founded with the intent to build an excellent educational establishment through the application of the Montessori approach to teaching and learning.Casa Montessori, Inc., a California corporation, was founded in 1971, by Mrs. Sakura Long with the intent of building an excellent educational institution applying the American Montessori approach to learning. Prior to founding Casa Montessori, Mrs. Long had served as Principal of Montessori Schools, Inc. - the very first Montessori school on the West Coast! When Montessori Schools, Inc. dissolved, Mrs. Long was determined to find a home for the 150+ students that had been attending Montessori Schools, Inc. She was able to get a loan to build a school on Lassen Street in Northridge - our current school location. With a 14\\% interest rate on the loan, the early years were a financial struggle but her dedication to her students, and her conviction in the superiority and success of Montessori teaching methods fed her passion to not just survive but, thrive. Seven classrooms and one administration building were almost finished when students and faculty moved into this location on January 2, 1971. Not long after, Casa Montessori become a non-profit corporation. In 1985, our auditorium was completed; and in 1994, a library was added to our campus. Our last building was completed in 2008 and is home to our computer lab and a Teacher Training Center. Our classrooms were designed and are organized to provide an environment which will lead to the development of individual freedom, self discipline, and creative thinking.

Recent Reviews in Granada Hills CA

Little Treehouse Academy

"My Daughter loves the school so much that she wishes it opened on weekends. The interactions with teachers, activities and a positive environment attribute to her love for the school."

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Patricia's Family Daycare

"We could not have found a better place for our son to be while we have to work. Patricia is really nice and professional .My son love this place."

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Other Montessori Daycares Near Granada Hills CA

The Learning House Preschool

The mission of The Learning House Preschool is to nurture and... encourage your child to reach for the highest goals that can be obtained. We focus on the process of the learning, and do not foster a product oriented environment. We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment that allows all children to grow and develop in the best possible way. Our program is designed to help give children the foundation they need to build self-esteem, to encourage exploration and to reach higher levels of learning. The goal of The Learning House Preschool is to form a partnership with parents complimenting their primary role in providing care for their children and to ensure that the individual needs and concerns of every child and family are met. We are inspired by a variety of philosophies and approaches, which we blend together into a program that reflects our commitment to helping children lay the best possible social, emotional, physical and cognitive foundations. We present an anti-bias/pro-diversity, hands on curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and fun for young children, built on their interests and inclusive of their community. Teachers care about what children think, how they feel, and what they have to say about their world. We are dedicated to providing children with a rich and stimulating environment that supports their growth in every way. We offer parents guidance in understanding how children grow and learn. We strive to build an extraordinary relationship with your child and you. Because your child has its own needs and learning style, we will adapt our curriculum to meet his/her demands. Our program is fully licensed and exceed state required staff ratios so we provide the highest level of quality care and supervision. Our teachers are experienced and highly trained in childhood education, first aid and CPR. Every staff member is cleared through the Department of Justice background clearance system and the National Child Abuse Index.

Montessori of Chatsworth

You likely recognize these names because from an early age in life... they have used their Montessori and family upbringing to create great ideas to a world in need. This was a talent that was introduced to them early on as Montessori students. If you ever study Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy and curriculum you will come to understand why she believed that each child has the capacity to perform great feats, we as adults need only to provide them with a proper learning environment and self correcting tools to allow that creativity to flourish What makes a Montessori school different? Let's start with the "nots" first. An authentic Montessori school is not a day care drop off factory. You will not find televisions with Dora DVD's, walmart toys or unmotivated teachers whose resume list babysitting as professional experience. At our school you will find age appropriate self-correcting learning materials, teachers not only trained in state mandated courses but also trained as Montessori teachers which usually requires an additional 2 years of training. You will find a parent community highly involved in their child's development and eager to make bonds with parents sharing many of the same ideals on childnrearing. lastly you will find school leadership solely focused on providing a complety safe and warm environment for your child to develop his/her academic potential at an individual pace without unfounded principles of all students should learn at the teachers pace. After decades of experience we can say with confidence Montessori education is not for everybody. However for families that embrace the curriculum, visions of Stanford graduations, successful entrepreneurial endeavors and/or humanitarian relief successes are attainable from the humble beginnings of your Childs Montessori training.

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