Peanut-Free Daycares in Adamstown MD

Peanut-Free Daycares in Adamstown MD

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Almost Home Child Care

"My child spent 2 wonderful years with Miss Jenn! She loved him as one of her own children and really prepared him for kindergarten."

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A&D Stars Chinese Immersion Preschool Program

A&D Stars is a Chinese Dual Immersion Preschool Program that offers a unique opportunity for young children (age 2-5) to effortlessly master Mandarin... Chinese while obtaining a quality preschool education. Our Mandarin Chinese curriculum is fully integrated into our play-based curriculum, so parents can give their children both in one place. Founded in 2015, A&D Stars provides a safe, loving, play-based learning environment that supports optimal Chinese language learning by tying language to the day-to-day activities across our curriculum. Everyday our children spend 80\% time of their day immersed in Chinese language with highly-trained, native Mandarin speaking bilingual teachers. Children naturally acquire a broad vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese while developing social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. English literacy instruction is also brought to the class for children 3 ½ and up for ten to twenty minutes every day to ensure that children acquire not only strong Mandarin Chinese skills but also the fundamentals of English literacy. Our classroom allows children to engage in an active, hands-on, stimulating learning environment. We use the Maryland state recommended preschool/pre-K curriculum, and consistently adapt it to meet the needs of kids at different levels. Our teachers are enthusiastic, passionate, patient and dedicated to working with young children. All teachers have a college degree and meet MSDE required preschool teacher qualification.

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