Best Play-based Daycares in Pacific Palisades CA

Play-based Daycares in Pacific Palisades CA

Bubbles n Colors
At Bubbles ’n Colors, your child will find a second home since our goal is to create a safe and fun environment. We offer a full immersion Spanish program. It is well known that the best way to learn a new language is to do it in a natural way and that will allow your child to absorb the second language. Our classes are designed to instruct children while having fun and engaging their minds. They will discover that learning a new language can also be entertaining. We use exciting teaching tools such as songs, rhymes, games, arts and crafts, fairy tales and other activities to promote learning in a fun environment. Classes are structured to encourage children to play games and sing familiar songs, thereby facilitating the learning process. Your child will develop skills and abilities to learn new languages. Our program is based on non-competitive activities which help children to develop a positive self-image, confidence and love for learning. They will also learn to work as team players, express their feelings and ideas, and start being independent young people.

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Nakaji Family Child Care

"The experience was wonderful and safe as they have childcare offered with an amazing, caring, and professional environment! My son is now 18 years old as of yesterday, and I have great memories from"

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Other Play-based Daycares Near Pacific Palisades CA

First School

Welcome to The First School, a private preschool in Santa Monica,... California. We are a relationship-based, developmental preschool, offering toddler groups, preschool and pre-k / transitional kindergarten programs for children 16 months to five years. The First School celebrates individuality and diversity, and serves all types of families across Santa Monica and West Los Angeles. Established in 1975, The First School mission remains fundamental to the school today: To cultivate each facet of the whole-child – social, emotional, physical, intellectual – allowing each child to reach their highest potential on their own timeline, according to their unique strengths, challenges and interests; to inspire children to learn through play and meaningful activities guided by our passionate and creative staff; And to nurture a respectful, fun, warm environment for children, their families and teachers. Our daily goal is to make every child feel safe, inspired, and loved. As a result, children leave The First School with a passion for learning, expanded creativity, meaningful exposure to a broad range of interests, the tools to make satisfying social connections, and the emotional resilience to welcome change and transition. We cherish this magical time in the lives of children and their families. In our warm, relaxed and supportive atmosphere, families as well as children thrive. One of the things we find most gratifying, is to hear about the many circles of connections that last long after the children have graduated; Alumni children and parents often return to visit and report that they have kept their First School friends, and First School memories, for life. We look forward to welcoming you and your child as a part of our family!

Rancho Co-Op Nursery School

Here at Rancho Co-operative Nursery School, we believe that children... learn through play. To a passerby, it may look like the children are simply having fun. Well, they are; but at the same time they are learning many important concepts. They are experiencing gravity when they shovel sand into a bucket. They are learning about motion while riding a tricycle. They are practicing their communication skills when they are working together during dramatic play. If the children are safely engaged in an activity, I encourage adults to refrain from interrupting or directing their play. We let the children create their own dialogue (even if it seems disjointed or fragmented to adult eyes and ears.) We also direct and encourage them in their social skills ? how to communicate with their peers and with adults. We believe that when a child is accomplished in their social skills, they are better prepared to enter Kindergarten. Our daily activities include a full hour of outside play. The children are free to play in the sandbox, ride tricycles, swing and climb on the play structure. We offer painting each and every day and encourage the children to use unlimited supplies to enhance their creativity. Many times we see children seemingly paint the same image over and over again. We believe that they should have the freedom to continue until they have successfully worked through their individual creative process. The remainder of our morning is spent indoors enjoying a snack, engaging in circle time and exploring free play. We offer the children a myriad of choices including dramatic play, blocks, kitchen, writing desk, and our library, just to name a few. Each day a different artistic activity is set up for the children. We present the materials and just let the children explore. I discourage parents from making suggestions or showing the children ?how to do it? because we want the children to use their own imaginations and to learn how to execute their own ideas. Rancho Co-op Nursery helps young children to move through life at their own pace and truly enjoy the magic of childhood.

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