Best Preschools in Centerport PA

Preschools in Centerport PA

Ontelaunee KinderCare

OverviewWelcome to the Ontelaunee KinderCare. Our program provides a... rich, nurturing environment for your child's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Here, learning is fun, children are respected, and our teachers work in partnership with families to challenge each child. Learning is meant to be a natural, joyful experience. Children learn by playing, experimenting, exploring and testing. Children flourish when the process of discovery is lovingly encouraged and gently reinforced. This is the philosophy behind our research-based curriculum, which fosters individual growth by providing plenty of opportunities for exploration and child-initiated choice. Teachers & StaffThe teachers and staff at the Ontelaunee KinderCare are passionate about educating and nurturing children. We have staff with varying levels of education. The majority of our staff have been employed by the company for more than ten years. Our team strives for excellence through continuing education from bi-annual company professional development trainings to seeking additional college courses or seminars in the education field. We have a very committed staff. Many of our staff members have been employed at our site for more than 10 years. We are excited to share many learning experiences with the children in our care. Health & SafetyOntelaunee KinderCare has an appointed Health and Safety Coordinator. The Coordinator and all other staff in the building has CPR and First Aid Certifications. Your child's safety and well-being are a priority. We have a keypad secure entrance. Additionally, our playgrounds are fenced with a locked gate to prevent access of entering or exiting from the playground.

Making Memories with Miss Brenda

At Making Memories with Miss Brenda LLC Keystone STAR 4 facility we... share our knowledge with both families and children. While in our care, we promise to protect, nurture and provide a safe, stimulating and positive environment that serves as a foundation for success. Parents and Guardians will be assured that their children are treated with dignity and respect, while not impeding on their values or individual beliefs. Therefore, we feel as though it’s our job to provide a good curriculum for children while also educating the parents on their children’s strengths and weaknesses. All children in attendance have the right to a wholesome, healthy and happy educational experience. By providing nutritious food, the children can lead healthier lives. When making the children happy by praising their good efforts and behaviors, they will want to continue learning. Parents have high hopes and they want their children to get the best quality education as possible. Reading is a required skill in everyday life and it is a focal point in our curriculum. We work towards preparing the children with the knowledge of the alphabet and phonetics in order to insure a proper understanding of word structure. Instead of children feeling overwhelmed by reading, they want to jump right into the books. The books come alive and speak out to the children. It reinforces a positive attitude towards math, social skills, and life skills. We know that all children learn at things at different paces and should be taught that there is nothing wrong with that. Children can be very successful if given the right tools to do so. Each child is a special individual and every aspect of his or her development is equally as important. The children are assessed monthly in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses. All children participate in our rewarding, learning environment. We engage in developmentally appropriate activities which allow them to do bigger and better things. Here we also encourage the parents to be the child’s first advocate in their learning. We challenge the parents to enthusiastically do hands on activities with children in and around the home and at play, so they can both value each day. Through parent–teacher cooperation, we are both able to encourage the child to reach their full potential. This is how we make a positive difference in their lives. Additionally, all staff members are required to have a completed both federal and state background checks, every three years with an annual health assessment. Plus, all staff members are First Aid/CPR certified in case of an emergency. Finally, all staff members are exceeding DPW requirements for educational hours per year. Our values are honesty, hard work, friendship, love and understanding. With this mentality, both children and parents look back at their experience here with us and see it as a cherished part of their childhood.

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