Best Preschools in Midlothian VA

Preschools in Midlothian VA

Mama Donna's Childcare

Dear Parents: MaMa Donna and Chris will welcome your family into our... home. What my daughter and I will offer you and your child is much more than just a baby-sitting service. We offer an extended family support system that nurtures all of us. A unique family childcare setting that caters to the emotional and developmental needs of all children. It is often difficult for working parents to balance all the commitments and responsibilities in their lives. When your child is at our home, you will receive peace of mind knowing that your child is being loved and taken care of much in the same fashion that you yourself would provide. We offer a safe, loving environment where your child will be accepted, loved, nurtured, and stimulated. We use our knowledge to offer stimulating, developmental activities when your child is ready for them. They include music and movement, outdoor play, practical life and sensory activities, art & crafts, prereading and pre-math skills, quiet story and sharing times, manipulative, dramatic play, and lots of laughter. We strive to meet your child's physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs. We feel children learn best in a loving, organized, natural learning environment. Your child will learn something new everyday by being a part of our extended family. Your child will learn important values such as patience, sharing, responsibility, compassion for self values such as recognizing his/her alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and how to paint, play with dough, cut with scissors, color with crayons, and the beginning stages of reading. He/she will always be encouraged to use his/her imagination while creating artwork, manipulating his/her own ideas and thoughts on paper, or other concrete materials. Our commitment to you starts with your commitment to us. For this support system to thrive, we must have open, honest communication. You can always feel free to share with us at anytime your concerns, problems, and situations that'll affect your child. We are look forward to working with you to provide the best possible care for your child. Respectfully yours, Donna S. Snyder MAMA DONNA’S CHILDCARE Owner/Director

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Clover Land Preschool

"My daughter loves it here. Her teacher is one of the best. Mrs.Young( the director) is one of her favorites as well. She very seldom throws a fit when I leave her and is always excited to see her"

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