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How to Make Parents Pay Child Care Tuition on Time

How to Make Parents Pay Child Care Tuition on Time

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Alexandria Guzman

I have to say that as a childcare director in Texas, I found this tip to be a good reminder…

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As an early childhood educator, you’re not only a teacher. You’re also a nurturer, a friend, and almost a loving surrogate parent to the children in your care.  Whether you run an intimate family child care program or a large preschool, you are probably one of the most important people in your students’ lives.  You care for these children a great deal and their parents matter to you, too.

However, you are also running a business.

That’s the bottom line.  You can’t continue to run your child care center (or home daycare) without parents who pay their child care tuition. Not only do they need to pay, but they need to pay on time. Every time.  Like any business, if you don’t get paid for your services on time, then you won’t be able to pay your bills on time.

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