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Why I Left Corporate Life to Follow My Passion & Open Kiddie Academy Ashburn

Why I Left Corporate Life to Follow My Passion & Open Kiddie Academy Ashburn

Mar 27 2015
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Landrecia odoom

You are just amazing. Loving children is the best gift no one can take from u. And its envious.

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This post was originally featured on the CareLuLu parent blog.


always had passion for learning and exploration.  These two personal traits often got me in trouble with my elders, when I was a child.  As I got older, the spontaneity of my actions had to change to conform to the responsibility of the adult world; however, the love of that curiosity stuck with me till this day. 

I started child care because I believe every child needs a safe, nurturing and a challenging environment where they can learn and explore.  Few of the preschools and child care programs that I visited prior to opening Kiddie Academy of Ashburn were run with a primary focus on business.  It bothered me a little bit not because it was wrong, but because the focus has shifted from quality and personal care to enrollment by the numbers. I remind myself and my management team and staff every day that we are here for the children and their families, and our passion for what we do should never cease. Indeed, the impression we leave on these children is what is going to form and shape their future.  What an extraordinary feeling, but also what a great responsibility!

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