What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day

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Of all the privileges that come with being a woman, the greatest of them is to be a mother.  There are no existing words to describe the bond between a mother and her child.  Mother’s Day comes only once every 365 days (on the second Sunday of May in the United States), and every mother deserves to feel special and appreciated.

To many people, Mother’s Day equals dollar signs, but buying expensive things isn’t the only way to show Mom you love her.  Mothers want something that will stay alive long after the day has passed.  So Dad, if you are struggling to come up with what the kids (and you!) can do for Mom this year, here are some gift ideas that will last a lifetime, both in her heart and memory:

  • A Clean House: Moms slave away to keep the house clean on a daily basis, it’s the least you can do for one day.  Have the kids help do the dishes; do the laundry and you want to make her really happy? Three little words- not “I love you” but ”Clean your rooms.”
  • A Meal Cooked for Her: She’s constantly in the kitchen, allow the roles to reverse and let Mom sit back and relax today while you make her favorite meal. What a concept, right?
  • A Homemade Coupon Book: Print out coupons with different things that Mom can use later on like “mom’s chore of choice” or “special helper for the day” and then have the kids decorate them!
  • Peace and Quiet: Twenty-four hours of no fighting, no whining and nothing but kind words said to each other. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all, this one will go farther than you think.
  • You: She loves you! Spend quality, uninterrupted time with her. Be silly, laugh and let her know how important she is!

The love a mother has for her children is endless; give her something this Mother’s Day that fails to end too.

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Evgeniya Usmanova

CareLuLu Mom-In-Chief
(Co-founder & COO)

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