Best Accredited Daycares in Dickerson MD

Accredited Daycares in Dickerson MD

The Goddard School of Clarksburg
Our infant care play area is filled with toys and books that help your baby develop at his or her own pace. Teachers sing songs and read stories to encourage language acquisition. They also pass balls and play games to develop motor skills. In our Goddard School, American Sign Language is introduced to encourage children to express their thoughts or needs. Goddard Teachers also work with the parents to ensure a balance of home and school. Together they develop the child’s daily schedule including nap times, play times and bottle times. As part of the Infant Program, the First Steps classroom helps the child transition from Infant to Toddler as the budding explorers learn new vocabulary and self-help skills. Through The Goddard School® F.L.EX.® Learning Program, teachers plan daily activities in a bright and cheery environment to encourage eager investigation of the world. Within the consistent structure toddlers crave, they enjoy a daily balance of quiet activities, spirited music and movement and plenty of outdoor climbing, running and jumping. The Goddard School® F.L.EX.® Learning Program sets the stage for self confidence by encouraging progress at a child’s own pace, according to individual needs and abilities. Learning centers for math, science, dramatic play, music, creative art and computers provide opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experiences. Fitness, art history and manners are incorporated into the preschooler's daily schedule, as well. Visits by local museums and libraries, community helpers, and theatrical productions supplement classroom learning within the safety of our schools. Your child will love our state-of-the-art facility, complete with a dance & yoga studio, arts and crafts studio, full-sized child-friendly cooking kitchen, computer center, gymnasium and a multipurpose room for games and socializing. Transportation between our School and five area elementary schools will be provided via Montgomery County public school buses.

Other Accredited Daycares Near Dickerson MD

Greenridge Acres Little Children's Academy

Greenridge Acres Little Children's Academy in Boyds is a small,... home-based child care and preschool program for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We're a small program, operating from a single family home, but offer much more than a typical home daycare. We offer a Montessori-based preschool program, and also have a learning program for infants and toddlers, to expose them to early childhood education. We are accredited by NAFCC and have three full time teachers, all experienced in child care and with a background in early childhood education. About Our Program Our program offers children lots of learning opportunities in different areas for educational success and flourishing student. We can teach Spanish to your child (if you'd like), and children are introduced to cognitive skills, sequencing, matching, social skills, similarities, and diversity language, art skills, story telling, writing and reading. Learning centers are mats, signs, dramatic play, music, creative art, provide opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experience. Physical health, signs, art, history, manners, creative movement, yoga, music, sign language is in our daily schedule with lots of indoor and outdoor activities for their fine and gross motor skills. We read books everyday, and sing songs for language acquisition! The power of play Teachers use different station materials and centers to help develop fine and gross motor skills. Infants are exposed to age appropriate materials that helps them in learning and development. Greenridge Acres Little Children's Academy provides a very safe learning day care environment where our infants have the freedom to move and explore! A daily report for infants is sent home to inform the parents about nap times, play times, feeding, diapering, and anything the child did. Infant area is filled with toys and books that help them develop at their own pace. Nurturing, personal care, warmth, love that builds infant self esteem. Teachers are regularly interacting with infants that sparks curiosity and socialization. For older children, 2.5 to 5 years old, our program encourages child curiosity in a very constructive and fun learning environment. Children are taught to share and care, discovering the answers to the favorite young preschoolers questions (what? why?). We engage in daily group activities that help boost children's social skills.Our daycare center provides lunch which is organic and freshly cooked everyday.

KinderCare at Town Center

OverviewThank you for your interest in Kindercare! Our Nationally... Accredited Learning Center is now accepting enrollment for the school year. We are proud to serve families of the Germantown community and the surrounding areas. Please contact us today to reserve your space! We would like to personally invite you to visit with us and let us introduce you to our teachers and friends. We also suggest giving us a call with any questions regarding our offered programs. Deciding where and when to enroll your child in a learning program can be one of the most important decisions in a child's life, and we want to help you determine if KinderCare meets all of your expectations and concerns regarding a nurturing, educational and fun center! Teachers & StaffThe staff at our center are dedicated individuals who want to change the world a little at a time by helping students learn and grow into their own unique persons. All of our staff have a rich background in child development and are committed to teaching children in a respectful an engaging manner. As a parent you will find "Staff Bios" at the entrance to every classroom, highlighting each teachers experience, time at KinderCare and a little bit about why they love teaching. Health & SafetySafety throughout our center is of the utmost importance. Our building is equipped with many safety devices such as our pin pad entrance- accessible to only our staff and families. Our playground runs around the outside of the building and is fenced in on all sides. We also complete yearly trainings for all of our staff members highlighting emergency preparedness, disaster training and CPR and First Aid certifications. We also have an educator specifically dedicated to health and safety procedures and making sure we are exceeding the latest standards in the industry.

Messiah Lutheran Preschool

Messiah Lutheran Preschool opened its doors in September 2003. This... Christian school was founded on the love of God in Jesus Christ and seeks to demonstrate that redeeming love through the instruction and care of the children entrusted to our safekeeping. To that end, Messiah Lutheran Preschool will love unconditionally, serve and care for each child enrolled in our program. Messiah Lutheran Preschool admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin. Messiah Lutheran Preschool has been re-accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) in 2014. NLSA is a rigorous national accrediting process designed to evaluate schools based on their unique purpose as Lutheran schools. It helps schools evaluate not only the quality of the academics and programs, but also most importantly the spiritual dimension of the school. Additionally, MLPS has been nominated for Exemplary status by the Southeastern District. MSDE Logo Messiah Lutheran Preschool is licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education Division of Early Childhood Development's Office of Child Care. Messiah Lutheran Preschool meets or exceeds all applicable state requirements for facility and staff, including the Medication Administration and Emergency Preparedness requirements. Additionally, Messiah Lutheran Preschool holds a Private Educational Institution License. This license is administered by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services. excels Messiah Lutheran Preschool participates in the Maryland Excels voluntary quality rating and improvement program and has reached a check level of 2. Maryland EXCELS awards ratings to registered family child care providers, licensed child care centers and public pre-K programs that meet increasingly higher standards of quality in key areas. Maryland EXCELS is a voluntary program designed to increase parent and provider awareness of the elements of high quality early care and education, to recognize and support providers who are meeting those standards, and to educate families and the community about the importance of high quality child care.

Art Delight Learning Playhouse

About Us: Welcome to Art Delight Learning Playhouse, my educational... home daycare and preschool in Germantown, MD! I’m the owner and main caregiver and I have more than 20 years of experience. I run this family daycare with my assistant who has 5 years of experience. We are both CPR & First-aid certified, and moms ourselves, so we understand your needs and concerns in terms of looking for the best child care program for your little one! Curriculum: Art Delight Learning Playhouse follows the Montessori teaching philosophy and uses the Creative Curriculum. We believe that children learn best when they can interact physically and socially with their peers and environment. Thus, we focus on providing the children experiences in developmentally appropriate activities like extra-curricular activities (Sports, Music, Arts, and Dance). In addition to English, we can also teach our students the Korean language – this is a wonderful opportunity for your child to become bilingual! Program: Our program is open from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. We offer various options such as full-time and part-time care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers (between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years old), including children with special needs. Drop-in care is also available for your occasional needs. We can also offer before and after school care for older kids, up to 12 years old. I provide lunch and snacks to all children in my care (included in the tuition), and we’re open in the summer and have a fun summer camp program! Credentials: CDA Credential: Having demonstrated competence in working with young children through an assessment by the CDA National Credentialing Program NAFCC: (National Association for Family Child Care) Certificate of Accreditation for attaining the highest standards of quality for child care profession Montgomery College: Certificate of Completions, 102 Clock Hours, Child Growth and Development, Planning Curriculum in Early Child Education, Emergency Prepared Training and Medication Administration Training. Maryland EXCELS: Having met the benchmarks in Maryland’s Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System for Level 4 and has committed to continuous quality improvement NAEYC: Member in good standing of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Location: Art Delight Learning Playhouse is located in the Kingsview Village neighborhood of Germantown, MD. Our facility is off Germantown Rd (route 118) and Richter Farm Rd, near Cedar Creek Local Park. Thanks for reading our profile, please email us or schedule a tour!

Optimal Learning School

Our program is based on current information about children and how... they develop and learn and builds on the best practices of the finest educators and researchers from across the world. Parents, teachers, and administrators of our center programs are aware that all children enter the world ready and needing to learn. We believe that children's needs for food and shelter are matched by a vital need to make sense out of the complex sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures and cultures of the world. In a real sense, knowledge about the physical and social world is constructed by the children, and given an optimal environment set by the adults; children do so with only minimal supervision from anyone. The program recognizes that every child comes to this world as a unique individual. Among the children participating in our program are those who are slow learners, creative, talented, natural leaders, and gifted or potentially gifted. Thus, the program accommodates the broad range of children's developmental and learning needs, their knowledge, experiences, and interests in order to facilitate continuous learning. Strongly believing in the development of the whole child, our program reflects an understanding that children learn best through active involvement. Furthermore, the program views assessment and evaluation as integral components of the learning-teaching process. We believe that assessment and evaluation support the children's learning and assist the teachers, parents and program administrators in making appropriate development and education decisions. Last, but not least important, the program values teachers, parents, and the community as partners in the children's education and development. The community, teachers and parents consult each other and collaborate to create a climate of respect, success and joy necessary for lifelong learning.

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