Best Cooperative Preschools in Sherman Oaks CA

Cooperative Preschools in Sherman Oaks CA

Barnston Family Day Care
My mission is to provide a safe, loving, quality childcare experience that helps your child ages 6 months to 4 years old develop physically, socially, and emotionally. We offer a nurturing, fun environment where your child will get the personal attention and care that he/she needs and deserves! Our main goal is to provide care for your child in a loving, stable home environment. We want your child to feel safe and cared for, in flexible but structured surroundings. Our purpose is to provide you quality childcare with social, emotional, knowledgeable and physical growth. Edna’s Childcare is a developmental program that encourages and helps every child develop. Whether it's reading a book, playing a game, working in a learning center, or playing outdoors, I make early childhood development interesting and fun. I am a California State Licensed Home Daycare owner for the past 20 years. I have completed many courses of infant-toddler training in Child Development and I am always continuing my education to further my knowledge to help guide children through their developmental milestones. Also, I am certified in CPR and first Aid training. I recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles and personalities so I am committed to working within each child’s comfort zone to ensure social, emotional and educational result. At Edna’s Daycare I have two loving assistants who help me with the children throughout the day. They have completed finger printing and certifications required by the state of California. At Edna’s Daycare the curriculum is based on interactive activities that are available to them throughout the day. They will develop a love for learning in Hebrew and English, while they are growing, playing and having fun. We engage in all the usual projects, e.g., painting, counting, ABC in English and Hebrew, singing, dancing, Yoga classes, Jewish holidays, etc. Children will also learn to identify all four seasons. At Edna’s Daycare, your child will participate in developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day, such as: * Free Play * Circle Time * Puzzles and Games * Arts and Crafts * Music * Yoga * Pre-Reading Activities * And much more * We celebrate Birthday Parties. I am convinced that children at Edna’s Childcare should and will be taught to respect each other, adults, and property. I believe that children deserve to be treated and respected as individuals in an environment that welcomes reason, exploration, question, and imagination. I respect each child’s need for love, security, acceptance, warmth, and stimulation.

Recent Reviews in Sherman Oaks CA

Media Center Montessori Preschool

"Horrible experience with my child frequently being injured while at infant care center. Under staffed, teacher to children ratio wasn't 4:1 all the time. Neglectful"

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The Doheny School

"this school is a total daughter is on her second year here and i cannot say enough about her experiences at the doheny school. her teachers . miss carissa and miss liz are warm and so..."

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Other Cooperative Preschools Near Sherman Oaks CA

Rancho Co-Op Nursery School

Here at Rancho Co-operative Nursery School, we believe that children... learn through play. To a passerby, it may look like the children are simply having fun. Well, they are; but at the same time they are learning many important concepts. They are experiencing gravity when they shovel sand into a bucket. They are learning about motion while riding a tricycle. They are practicing their communication skills when they are working together during dramatic play. If the children are safely engaged in an activity, I encourage adults to refrain from interrupting or directing their play. We let the children create their own dialogue (even if it seems disjointed or fragmented to adult eyes and ears.) We also direct and encourage them in their social skills ? how to communicate with their peers and with adults. We believe that when a child is accomplished in their social skills, they are better prepared to enter Kindergarten. Our daily activities include a full hour of outside play. The children are free to play in the sandbox, ride tricycles, swing and climb on the play structure. We offer painting each and every day and encourage the children to use unlimited supplies to enhance their creativity. Many times we see children seemingly paint the same image over and over again. We believe that they should have the freedom to continue until they have successfully worked through their individual creative process. The remainder of our morning is spent indoors enjoying a snack, engaging in circle time and exploring free play. We offer the children a myriad of choices including dramatic play, blocks, kitchen, writing desk, and our library, just to name a few. Each day a different artistic activity is set up for the children. We present the materials and just let the children explore. I discourage parents from making suggestions or showing the children ?how to do it? because we want the children to use their own imaginations and to learn how to execute their own ideas. Rancho Co-op Nursery helps young children to move through life at their own pace and truly enjoy the magic of childhood.

Rustic Canyon Parents Nursery School

Rustic Canyon Parents Nursery School was first organized in 1950 and... was given use of the facility before it became a park. The school was organized by a group of local parents to provide a participation experience for themselves and their children. Now, in collaboration with Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation, Rustic Canyon Park provides the facilities for the school. This school was incorporated in 1956 as a nonprofit educational corporation that is licensed by the State of California. Now, more than sixty years later, that tradition still lies at the heart of all we do. By choosing a cooperative preschool, parents make a commitment to participate in their child's preschool program. This involvement will prove invaluable to our children as it is carried on throughout the elementary levels of education and beyond. We are a parent participation school. A parent, step-parent, legal guardian or grandparent must participate. Currently, one parent of each child must work approximately one day per month at school during school hours. Tasks are at the periphery of the two teachers conducting the class. However, interaction with the children is very much part of the parent’s role while a “stay parent” for the day. Parents must attend all parent meetings held approximately once a month during the school year, and they must accept a committee position or hold a position on the Board of Directors. There are clean-up days during the year, one of which parents must partake in. And, of course, school fundraisers should be supported in some manner.

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