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Deborah Gardner Family Child Care, Severna Park
"I strongly regret entering into a business relationship with this provider and her daughter, Jessica Patrick (license #251728)  and in hindsight, wish I would have gone elsewhere" Read More
Dawn Family Daycare, Pasadena
"We love the whole Cheema family! Nadia started watching my son at 9 weeks and I could not have been happier! At 5 he still loves his Mama G!" Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions
How many drop-in daycares and preschools are there in Pasadena?
There are 94 drop-in daycares and preschools in Pasadena, based on CareLuLu data. This includes 76 home-based programs and 18 centers.
How much does daycare cost in Pasadena?
The cost of daycare in Pasadena is $1,616 per month. This is the average price for full-time, based on CareLuLu data, including homes and centers.
How many drop-in daycares and preschools accept infants in Pasadena?
Based on CareLuLu data, 79 drop-in daycares and preschools care for infants (as well as toddlers). This includes 67 home-based programs and 12 centers.
How many drop-in daycares and preschools teach a foreign language in Pasadena (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.)?
Based on CareLuLu data, 11 drop-in daycares and preschools speak at least one foreign language. Most common languages include Spanish, Urdu, Armenian and Hindi.