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School of Little Scholars

School of Little Scholars' private preschool and kindergarten... programs promote each child's social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development in positive ways designed to further curiosity and creativity. Each classroom environment creatively respects the developmental needs of each student. Our curriculum encompasses each child's participations, interest, enthusiasm, and ideas. Children at School of Little Scholars may express their ideas and follow their dreams without subjective or artificial restrictions. Our loving, well-educated, and experienced staff respect, encourage, and guide Serendipity students while respecting individual temperaments, talents, and abilities. Little Scholars children learn through positive, cognitive (hands-on) activities directed by talented, caring teachers. They sense that School of Little Scholars is a "home-away-from-home" school where they will receive a wonderful education in a nurturing, positive environment. All aspects of teaching take place in relaxed, nurturing atmospheres. Self-esteem takes precedence. Little Scholars students are encouraged to learn to make their own decisions and to solve problems. School of Little Scholars will not compromise its mission of nurturing the positive growth and development of children. The security and safety of Serendipity students are paramount. The students' happiness and personal growth are the products of the caring and loving staff and the positive physical environment of the school. The success of School of Little Scholars will be measured by witnessing our students who not only find happiness and joy in our educational setting but who learn with incredible proficiency. Our ultimate objective envisions the long-term personal and educational growth of our students that will bolster their personal and professional success and happiness.

Duarte Montessori

The commitment to provide our students a safe, nurturing environment... to thrive, academically, socially and emotionally in a multi-cultural society to reach their highest potential. We at Duarte Montessori School have designed a program based on the philosophy and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) We have incorporated the ideals of learning for the age groups of 2 years through second grade. A few of our goals are to stimulate children to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically towards their full potential. At the same time, encourage the children to experience the joy of learning and the intrinsic satisfaction that comes with mastery of concepts and fundamental skills through creative use of attractive, self correcting materials and activities. Why Choose Duarte Montessori: We work as a partnership with your child today to acquire the knowledge for tomorrow's world. We have been providing quality Child care for over 30 years. We put all of our efforts into securing a safe learning environment for our students Flexible attendance of three or five days per week for pre-schoolers and a full day program for the lower elementary students.. Well qualified staff serving for many years. Year round childcare: Monday–Friday (except National Holidays/calendar days) Open from 6:30 am -6:30 pm No toilet training of preschoolers required for attendance Enrollment from 2 years through second grade No parent work commitments. Well rounded care provided in a safe, nurturing environment. Affordable rates

Hastings Ranch Nursery School

Learning to live together with differences perceived positively is... our cooperative philosophy; building self-esteem through mastery of skills in all areas of development is our goal. We believe everyone is special, everyone is unique, and everyone is loved. HRNS strives to nurture the whole family by providing support, partnership, and resources that enable parents to meet the challenges of parenting. Parents at HRNS are committed to the education and socialization of their children and are eager to get involved. They provide snacks, share talents, pass on family tradition, and take an active role in their children's learning when they work in the classroom. Our parents are valued for their dedication to quality education and their understanding of the uniqueness of each child. Our school thrives because of the partnership with parents. Philosophy “Learning to live together” with differences perceived positively is our cooperative philosophy and building self-esteem through mastery of skills in all areas of development is our goal. We believe everyone is special, everyone is unique, and everyone is loved. Research indicates that young children learn best using their senses to explore concrete experiences and that they need many opportunities to initiate learning on their own and need periods of choice alternating with periods of guidance. The daily routine is simple but consistent because we know children feel more secure when there is order in their lives. Group times, self-directed play, and quiet times are part of the curriculum. Classes are small with children in multi-aged groups. The adult/child ratio is low and the facility is secure, spacious, and exciting. Children have time and space to learn and to grow. Children leave HRNS eager to learn and excited about school. HRNS strives to nurture the whole family by providing support, partnership, and resources that enable parents to meet the challenges of parenting. Parents at HRNS are committed to the education and socialization of their children and are willing to spend the time and energy to be involved. They provide a variety of snacks, share talents and family traditions, and take an active role in their children's learning when they work in the classroom. Our parents are valued for their dedication to quality education and their understanding of the uniqueness of each child. Curriculum HRNS's curriculum is based on developmental theory and is carefully planned by the teachers. It is implemented with the belief that play is a child's work. Play is the natural mode of learning for your child, who is learning at all times. Children move through sequential stages of development in four interrelated areas: Physical (gross and fine motor) Social (peer interaction, social skills and awareness) Emotional (self-esteem, awareness and recognitions of feelings, healthy balance) Cognitive (comprehension, language development, problem solving and skill acquisition) We place equal importance on all major areas of development. Through careful observation of play, teachers are able to assess development and add challenges as needed to further individual growth. Children develop feelings of competency and motivation for learning when provided opportunities for play and individual choice. Learning occurs when the child is actively involved with the materials of the environment: sensory experiences. Therefore the staff provides “hands-on” activities in creative art, music, science, math, literature, movement, and dramatic play. The Classroom is arranged to provide ample choices for children and to encourage independent thinking, and a gentle unfolding of abilities and age-appropriate mastery of skills The teacher's role is to facilitate and enrich this learning process. Art of many kinds is available to the children daily, from the simplest crayon and paper drawings to carpentry and multi-technique projects such as finger-painting and collage. Our philosophy is that the process is important, not the product, so adults are asked to please refrain from giving advice or help on art creations. Let the children use the variety of open-ended materials as they choose, as long as they are safe and respectful of their “neighbors” and the school property.

Happy Sunshine Kids

Happy Sunshine Kids Pre-School and Infant Center was built with love... and care for my own children. The desire was to better enrich their lives with the fundamentals of social, physical, cognitive and emotional development in a safe, clean, nurturing environment. I was dissatisfied with the caliber of existing pre-schools and infant centers. Therefore, I decided to create my own beautiful Preschool and Infant Center with outstanding teachers, ratios, curriculums and varied programs. It is top quality and the children receive the best Pre-School education and Infant Care you will find. Happy Sunshine Kids is extremely safe, clean and friendly. It's warm, welcoming ambiance invites your child to participate in the well rounded and varied curriculum we provide. Our highly trained, director qualified, staff are all extremely well educated and experienced. They care for and create outstanding, stimulating, learning experiences for your child. They use many different teaching skills and styles to provide each individual child with encouragement, enthusiasm and a love of leanring. Each staff member has been hand picked based on their education, experience and their personal opinion and philosophy towards children's development. They are expected to maintain high standards of professionalism at all times. All staff members have been thoroughly background checked through the FBI and State of CA and meet all the requirements of licensing with State of CA Childcare division. All staff members are also fully trained in 1st Aid and CPR. Studies show that children learn best through play and fun. Therefore, we have created a full and varied weekly program including the Arts and sports to facilitate learning in a playful, fun manner while also helping to develop both sides of their brains. The children are consistently challenged when they learn through interactive role play using their imagination, social and emotional development in the Drama Room. Their physical development is aided greatly by dance and sports helping co-ordination, team spirit and gross motor skills. They gain great confidence learning to express themselves creatively through dance, music and art, the latter of which also helps with their fine motor skills. Studies of the young brain have proven a close link between math and music. Music also helps with listening skills, co-ordination and indiviuality. All of these educational, yet fun additional activities are provided in your child's structured weekly routine. Your child is also engaged in learning the critical fundamental foundations of academic preparation that is now required for kindergarten. The preparation we provide is truly excellent. We maintain a 100% success rate of our graduates admittance into parent's 1st choice of top Elementary schools in the immediate surrounding areas. Most children are good at something. All of our children are good at most things. We fully prepare all of our children so they shine.

Arcadia Christian Preschool

The mission of Arcadia Christian Preschool is to provide a loving and... secure environment where children can develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually in a Bible-based program run by a dedicated, professional staff. Our Ministry Arcadia Christian preschool offers a full day program for 2 , 3 or 5 day weekly sessions. A day at preschool includes learning new skills, art, music, stories and physical activities. Children are encouraged to be creative and imaginative endeavors, but the most important area of experience is their awareness of God's love and order; where attitudes, discipline and emotions develop in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Preschool children are at the stage when everything is fun. As a preschool staff, our job is to provide a climate of understanding; where they can develop positive self-concepts, while loving to learn and experience new things. A typical day at the preschool begins with free play during the hours of arrival. A time of music and praise to God takes place before the children's morning classes. In the classroom, children learn bible stories and truth with flannel graph, drama and props. Bible crafts and memory verses, paint, paste, play-dough, crayons, scissors, colors, shapes and sizes are all a part of the preschool experience. There is a prayer, snack, rest and outdoor activities. There is the never-ending learning to share with a friend, and for those going on to Kindergarten, beginning writing, pre-reading skills and number concepts are taught. The preschool is under the direction of a professional staff that is not only trained in Early Childhood Education, but has a deep faith in and love of God in their hearts.

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