Best Protestant Daycares in Alexandria VA

Protestant Daycares in Alexandria VA

Washington St. United Methodist Church
Washington Street United Methodist Church Preschool's primary ministry is teaching God's unconditional love and acceptance, and learning to live lovingly. We provide a child-centered, nurturing environment that enables young children to develop to their fullest potential, socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and cognitively. Our Preschool was established in 1991 as a ministry of the Washington Street United Methodist Church and serves children two and a half to five years of age. The educational program reflects our philosophy of learning through play by using weekly themes to introduce and reinforce units of study. Using themes allows our teaching staff to convey subject matter in a concrete and creative manner to make your child's experience in school fun, interesting and growth providing. Monthly newsletters and lesson plans are distributed by classroom teachers to help you monitor your child's progress and joy of learning. A developmentally appropriate, hands-on program enables teachers to incorporate language experiences daily, allowing children to grow their vocabulary naturally. A balanced schedule is achieved through focused, quiet activities such as circle time, table activities, and story time. Quiet activities are then followed by opportunities for exploration during art projects, water and sand table activities, block play, music and movement, science center activities, and dramatic play. Washington Street United Methodist Church Preschool accepts families of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. As a church sponsored program, Christian traditions are emphasized. However, our program also embraces and celebrates other cultural and religious tradition. By sharing customs, ideas, traditions, and meanings, we help promote understanding and acceptance. Washington Street UMC Preschool is program operated as a ministry of the Washington Street United Methodist Church. It operates under the supervision of the Preschool Board which is made up of church members, parent and teacher representatives, the Director of the Preschool, and the WSUMC Pastor. The Preschool Board makes policies, sets tuition and fees, and oversees the curriculum for the preschool. Our central message is one of God's unconditional love. We believe that each person is a child of God. Our ministry involves helping children to learn to live lovingly. Each child at our preschool will have every opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually to his or her fullest potential. To support spiritual growth, the Preschool holds Chapel on a monthly basis led by the Preschool Director. Chapel consists of age appropriate stories, songs, and prayer. As children play with each other - They learn to see other children's point of view and begin to become empathetic and caring. - They learn to use language in new ways to describe their play, express their needs and wants, and to interact with others. - They develop their muscles, balance, stamina and coordination. Special attention is given to each child's abilities and interests, using his or her strengths to foster development in all areas. Through art, music, drama, and play, children enrolled in our program are encouraged to expand their imagination, develop confidence in their abilities, and build a strong self-image.

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Holmes Run Playhouse

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Other Protestant Daycares Near Alexandria VA

St. Paul's Episcopal Preschool And Kindergarten

We believe that God has given us both a challenge and a blessing... literally to be located at the Crossroads of tremendous need in our community, and the intersection of such diversity. We believe that our church family exists to be an expression of the Kingdom of God to our neighbors. Our new Mission Statement describing our family, and our New Vision pointing towards the direction of our future sum it all up very well. Mission Statement: We are a reflection of God’s Kingdom, offering a place of faith and fellowship where people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicity come together as the family of God, using our gifts to bear the hope of Christ to the needs of the world. Vision Statement: We will embrace all people by nurturing and engaging our gifts for the sake of sharing Christ’s saving and redeeming love, within our parish family and beyond. We will offer a community of belonging, acceptance, care and transformation to our neighbors and all who enter, regardless of where they come from or where they are on their journey. Sunday School St. Paul's rejoices in a creative, hands-on Sunday School program for children in preschool to middle school. Children study themes of the Bible that span Old and New Testament. The program entails Opening Prayer, Bible Verse reciting, arts and crafts, singing, skit-playing, and take home exercises in which the whole family can participate. All materials are available in Spanish and English

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