10 Household Items That Make Great Stocking Stuffers For Kids

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This Christmas, I decided to come up with a list of objects that we as adults consider ordinary, but which will arouse children’s curiosity. Most importantly for us as parents, they will keep kids busy! 😉  Here’s my new list of household-items-turned-toys that will make great stocking stuffers for kids. Also, they will definitely not break your wallet!

Retractable Tape Measure

Initially, your little one will be fascinated by the retractable feature of the tape, but after they understand the measuring concept behind it, they’ll be all too excited to measure the table, their toys, their sibling’s feet… you get the point. It’s also great for learning numbers! (Home Depot or Joanne’s)

Bubble Wrap

This one is going to be a favorite since not only kids love to pop these things, but so do grownups! Once you start, it’s hard to stop… As you can tell, we’ve moved quite a bit this year! J (Home Depot)


Flash lights are awesome, even grownups love them! Besides enjoying turning it on and off, children will go on explorations and pretend all sorts of things! (Dollar Store, Home Depot, Target)

Zip Lock Bags With Disney Characters

Whatever it is that you put for your kids in that Frozen zip lock bag with Elsa and Anna on it is guaranteed to taste a hundred times better! (Walmart, Target or Dollar Store)

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are versatile, they can be used for cookies just as much as to cut playdough or trace shapes with a pencil. (Home Goods, or Target)

Water Beads

Water beads come in beautiful colors and various sizes. They are great household items for plant owners who forget to water their plants regularly, or who use them when they are out of town. But water beads also make terrific toys for sensorial play. Young children can be tempted to put these babies in their mouth, so be sure to have them under constant supervision while playing with these. (Walmart or Tuesday Morning)

Colorful Rubber Bands

Kids love stretchy things, remember the measuring tape? If you get them colorful rubber bands, they’ll be thrilled to stretch them, make them into a ball, or do their doll’s hair with it. (Staples)


These can be colorful and bright, plastic or paper, with cute attachments and funky shapes. Your children will love them! (Target)


Umbrellas are beautiful and children love opening and closing them, twirling, hiding behind it or putting it down on the floor and pretending it’s a little tent. It’s also quite functional on rainy days, assuming they don’t break it right away! (Target)

Chop Sticks

Your kids will practice picking up all sorts of things with chop sticks. They will also function as drum sticks and  a stick to poke things.  (Amazon)

Are there any other household items that would make great stocking stuffers for kids?

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