Best Accredited Daycares in Fort Washington MD

Accredited Daycares in Fort Washington MD

Fort Washington KinderCare
OverviewWelcome to NAEYC accredited Fort Washington KinderCare in Fort Washington, Maryland where we believe in developing and nourishing the whole child. Our early childhood education program provides emphasis on assisting your child’s growth with their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Whether looking for day care, preschool, pre-kindergarten, or after school care, we are dedicated to providing superior child care services. Our staff takes pride in their work and are incredibly passionate about what they do. We know we make a difference everyday for each child in our learning center provide them with everything they need while here in our care. Our curriculum for each age provides a variety of stimulating experiences and hands on learning activities. Our classroom environment is full of energy and excitement! Our number one goal is to make sure your child's experience is a life long one. This is a place where learning, combined with meaningful moments prepares your child with the tools needed to succeed in school, and throughout their lives. Here at Fort Washington KinderCare, your child will not only have a safe, secure, and stimulating environment to learn in, but will have support from a team of early childhood development experts. We view ourselves as your extended family and take pride in knowing we are providing quality childcare services. Through daily communications and our KinderCare family connection, we welcome each new child and family as part of our own. Here are five reasons your child should become a part of our family: Communicating skills Building Brain Power Making New Friends Growing a Healthy Body Nurturing Creativity We are very excited to meet with you and your family, please call to schedule a tour today and witness all of the wonderful things going on at Fort Washington KinderCare. Teachers & StaffHere at Fort Washington KinderCare, our classrooms have one or more teachers with a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential and/or a higher educational degree. Our staff is diverse and multicultural; we have teachers who are fluent in Spanish, Ibibio, and Filipino languages. Our center is also staffed with a full-time on site cook who prepares hot meals daily for the children. The entire staff is dedicated to educating the whole child. Health & SafetyAt Fort Washington KinderCare, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a secure facility with multiple checks and balances. Safety is consistently a top priority in providing top child care services. Our doors are secured with a security code key pad, our parents are required to sign their child(ren) in and out, and our classroom teachers maintain hourly name to face attendance checks. Our center is equipped with three certified Health and Safety employees. These individuals are certified by the State of Maryland to dispense medication and make the sometimes difficult health related decisions. All staff members are CPR and First Aid certified.
Tauxemont Cooperative Preschool
Tauxemont has been teaching children (ages 2 1/2 through kindergarten) a love of learning since 1942. The Tauxemont learning experience encourages parents to participate with their children during this major step away from home. At Tauxemont, we enjoy being involved with our children both during school and at our special events. Your family involvement is what makes your child's experience at Tauxemont unique. Tauxemont lights the spark of learning that will continue for a lifetime. Newcomers and long-time area residents alike find "our little school in the woods" a center for lifelong friendships. Tauxemont Preschool believes that formal education is best begun in the first grade and that our primary purpose is to provide an environment for a child to grow emotionally, developmentally, physically, socially, and intellectually. In order to provide experiences of this nature, our preschool: provides a wide variety of activities geared to the proper age and skill level of the children; emphasizes personal standards and pride of achievement rather than simple conformity to group standards and encourages the child to recognize that the process is as important as the product; encourages creative arts in addition to crafts, and dramatic and creative play in addition to organized games and activities; considers individual needs and different rates of development in children along with the aims of group activity and socialization recognizes that the most desirable discipline is self-discipline, and that encouragement and consistent standards are more effective than punishment in the development of self-discipline offers a developmentally appropriate program with out the use of formal devices, drills, competitive learning, or rigid routines.

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Other Accredited Daycares Near Fort Washington MD

Fordson Road KinderCare

Overview     Welcome to the Fordson Road... KinderCare Learning Center, proudly serving the Alexandria community since 1987. We are conveniently located 10 minutes from Fort Belvoir and are proud to provide child care services to military families. Here at Fordson Rd. KinderCare, we value making each child and family a part of our own. Through constant communications; daily notes, newsletter, KinderCare Family Connection, and courtesy calls, we want to ensure you that your child is part of a safe and loving environment. We welcome you to come for a tour and witness the fun and learning for yourself.     Our curriculum provides stimulating experiences and hands on learning activities developed by experts. Early childhood education is critical to ensure life-long leaning. We structure our early childhood education curriculum around four key elements of development (social, emotional, physical, intellectual) to ensure the growth of the whole child, from infant to age 12. We incorporate math for kids and children reading daily, to ensure school readiness.         Our environment is full of energy and excitement; our staff takes great pride in helping each child learn, grow and develop. From nurturing creativity and growing a healthy body, to building communication skills and making new friends, our number one goal is to make sure your child's experience is a life long one.               We welcome you again to stop by and tour the wonderful things happening here at Fordson Road KinderCare! Teachers & StaffThe staff at Fordson Road KinderCare takes great pride in providing a clean, safe and nurturing environment. All of our teachers have many years of experience in Early Childhood Education. Our teachers believe in offering quality care in our learning center and cater their day to nourish the childrens' development process. They are dedicated to your child's success in helping their self-esteem, independence, and school readiness. Health & SafetyMaintaining health and safety standards are top priorities at our center. Our center has a key pad entry code, parents have their own code it is different from the employees code. The center is fenced all around the playground area and gates are locked. All of our staff are CPR &First Aid certified. Each classroom has their emergency procedures posted.

Aquinas Montessori School

ABOUT US Aquinas Montessori is a private AMI school of 50 years with... two campuses in Mount Vernon and in Old Town Alexandria that provide a nurturing, loving, joyous environment where each child is respected and treated as an individual. Our optimal class sizes allow students to work at their own pace and level, and AMI certified teachers guide and help children to develop autonomy, creative thinking and love of learning. Aquinas Montessori is a non-sectarian school and we admit all children, ages 3 to 12, regardless of race, creed, color or origin. Currently in our 51st year, we have consistently produced highly confident, self-motivated learners who are well prepared for their middle school years and beyond. Our families attest that they have indeed found a unique environment in Montessori classrooms where lasting values are emphasized, where kids are truly happy. SCHOOL PROGRAMS PRIMARY LEVEL : ages 3 to 6 at the Aquinas and Old Town Montessori Schools The Primary curriculum is a fully comprehensive three year program where children learn to compare, classify and clarify the world around them. Mathematical manipulative materials help the child to learn concepts of math, such as sequence, place, value, operations and memorization of math facts. Language exercises include spoken language that helps to develop vocabulary and phonemic awareness while use of tactile and manipulative materials leads to development of writing and reading. Exercises in practical life improve motor skills, independence, control and concentration. The child also learns the basics of the world's geography, geology, history, astronomy and biology through materials and stories, and art and music are integrated into daily classroom activities. ELEMENTARY LEVEL : ages 6 to 12 at the Aquinas Montessori School The elementary level continues the development of the child, the curriculum at this level is expanded as widely as possible to enkindle interest in every area of culture, mathematics, geometry, language, history, geography, botany, zoology, earth science, chemistry, physics, art, music, crafts, drama, and physical education. The elementary children also participate in the Junior Great Books Program. Our purpose is to lead the children toward Dr. Maria Montessori's goal of "cosmic education, which is a complete vision of reality and man, and an ability to interpret both of them in their essence, nature, and reciprocal relationship." The work at each age group represents a continuous program so the parents should be committed to allowing their children to complete each three-year cycle. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS The Drama Club This is a highlight of the school year unique to the Aquinas students. Each year the Upper Elementary Students participate and perform in a production of a Broadway Jr. musical. Our students get the experience of performing on stage with wireless microphones, a professional sound technician, videographer and choreographer. The end results are unforgettable performances, enhanced self-esteems and memories captured on DVDs that can be shared and cherished for a lifetime. An experience of performing on stage is life changing for many a shy student. The Classics Club Upper Elementary and Third Year Lower Elementary Students read enthralling classic tales from around the world. The students meet with a Classics Club leader on a monthly basis to partake in lively discussion. At each meeting, the following month’s reading selection will be revealed. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand one’s knowledge of classic literature. Girl Scouts Girl Scouts meetings are held at the Aquinas Montessori School. Lego Engineering club Lego Engineering club meetings are held at the Aquinas Montessori School. Silver Knights Chess club Silver Knights Chess club meetings are held at the Aquinas Montessori School. SUMMER CAMP Aquinas Montessori Summer Day Camp at Mount Vernon campus We would like to invite your child to join us in a stimulating summer adventure. Aquinas Montessori Summer Day Camp is about learning new skills, making new friends, having new experiences, and most importantly, it’s about plain, old fashioned fun! Our Montessori Summer Day Camp program promotes learning as a joy, which is never outgrown. We think your child will be as enthusiastic about it as the children we currently have with us; hence our invitation. A typical day for a 3 to 9 year old includes experience in a Montessori classroom, where the child manipulates a great variety of developmental materials. There are nature and art activities, stories, songs, and games. Our staff is composed of professionally trained teachers. Swimming instruction is provided daily by a certified instructor. The Aquinas heated pool ranges in depth from two and a half to five feet. This non-threatening size offers beginning and novice swimmers an opportunity for great success in a safe environment. Even the youngest swimmers feel comfortable in the shallow end and make remarkable progress in just a few weeks. Childhood is short —and so important in determining the course of a life. Do consider giving your child the opportunity to discover that learning is a joy!

Buckman Road KinderCare

OverviewWelcome to the Buckman Road KinderCare Learning Center.... We are an early education center and daycare near Fort Belvoir in Alexandria, VA. We are proud to be selected 2014 Best in Class among KinderCare Learning Centers! In addition, our center is under new management and new changes are underway! Your child’s safety and well being are paramount, therefore, you can rest assured our teachers and staff are 100\% CPR/AED certified, Standard First Aid Trained and MAT Certified. New ideas and opportunities are discovered each day at the Buckman Road KinderCare Learning Center. Please come visit and take a look around. We look forward to greeting you and your child! Teachers & StaffTeachers and staff at the Buckman KinderCare Learning Center are dedicated loving caregivers, and passionate educators. Our teachers have an average tenure of 7 years at KinderCare and an average of 12 years experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. Our teachers are actively engaged in courses to advance their careers and we are adamant about keeping abreast of policies, regulations and best practices in the field of daycare and education. It is the goal of the Buckman KinderCare Learning Center that all staff have attained or are working towards their Child Development Associate credential (CDA) or higher degree in the field of Early Childhood Education. Health & SafetyAt KinderCare, we take pride in the safety of our children and the confidence of our parents. Our security policies and protocols include daily sign in and out, adherence to strict parent/guardian identification, and single keypad access. We maintain rigorous standards for the safety and security of our staff and children in our care. Our center is equipped with secured key pad entry access to the classrooms and our playgrounds are fence secured. All staff are CPR/AED certified, Standard First Aid trained and MAT Certified.

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