Cooperative Preschools in Temple Hills MD

Cooperative Preschools in Temple Hills MD

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Poole Pride & Joy Daycare

"Wow. Where to begin...first I am a momma bear...helicopter mom whatever you want to call it...Mrs. Poole is very patient, knowledgeable regarding children, wise, loves the outdoors, models healthy"

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Happy Kampers Family Child Care

"My Son has been going there for 2 years now. I love how sweet and caring Ms.Lavern is. It’s truly one of the best facilities to have my son in. He has learn so much with her. As a single mom who..."

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Other Cooperative Preschools Near Temple Hills MD

Capitol Hill Learning Group

Capitol Hill Learning Group (CHLG) offers teacher-led classes beginning at 2.5 years and includes a teacher-led cooperative for primary aged students... that combines classroom based education with home based education. We're a cooperative program, and parents contribute by assisting in their child's classroom on a rotating basis and by volunteering in other capacities to help keep the school running smoothly. CHLG is faith-based in the Christian tradition, and while we are organized in such a way that there is freedom to talk about God, Jesus Christ and the Bible, we welcome families from other faiths as well as families who do not consider themselves religious. CHLG's preschool program provides curriculum for all areas of a child's growth- physical, emotional, spiritual, social, linguistic, aesthetic and cognitive. We focus on what is familiar to children and on creative play through which children learn social roles, cooperation and problem solving. Children learn through experimenting, observing, wondering, exploring and questioning. Our curriculum seeks to provide children with the skills that will both help them learn as well as develop a love for learning. We promote a child's inner drive and excitement about learning as they use and apply knowledge, process and skills. The Hybrid Academy at CHLG is a unique primary schooling opportunity that pairs classroom learning with home based education, allowing for a rigorous academic program that can be tailored to the individual child's strengths and needs. Our Hybrid model consists of small classes (10 children maximum) taught by professional teachers. Classes meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00-1:00. Our teachers partner with parents in the education of the child by providing consults on an as needed basis and by regular written communication regarding assignments to be completed at home on non-class days (Mondays and Wednesdays).

Tauxemont Cooperative Preschool

Tauxemont has been teaching children (ages 2 1/2 through kindergarten) a love of learning since 1942. The Tauxemont learning experience encourages... parents to participate with their children during this major step away from home. At Tauxemont, we enjoy being involved with our children both during school and at our special events. Your family involvement is what makes your child's experience at Tauxemont unique. Tauxemont lights the spark of learning that will continue for a lifetime. Newcomers and long-time area residents alike find "our little school in the woods" a center for lifelong friendships. Tauxemont Preschool believes that formal education is best begun in the first grade and that our primary purpose is to provide an environment for a child to grow emotionally, developmentally, physically, socially, and intellectually. In order to provide experiences of this nature, our preschool: provides a wide variety of activities geared to the proper age and skill level of the children; emphasizes personal standards and pride of achievement rather than simple conformity to group standards and encourages the child to recognize that the process is as important as the product; encourages creative arts in addition to crafts, and dramatic and creative play in addition to organized games and activities; considers individual needs and different rates of development in children along with the aims of group activity and socialization recognizes that the most desirable discipline is self-discipline, and that encouragement and consistent standards are more effective than punishment in the development of self-discipline offers a developmentally appropriate program with out the use of formal devices, drills, competitive learning, or rigid routines.

Resurrection Children's Center

Resurrection Children's Center is a non-sectarian, non-profit, cooperative preschool supported by the Church of the Resurrection. The school admits... students of any race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities. RCC is an inclusion preschool. Children with special educational needs or disabilities are included in each class. Resurrection Children's Center has been developing creative approaches to early childhood education since 1970. It receives numerous grants from private foundations and service organizations for the development and implementation of its innovative programs. From 1972-78 the school was funded as a national model demonstration preschool by the U.S. Office of Education. Since then, the school has received many awards and commendations from public and private organizations, locally and nationally, for its outstanding work. The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC), an organization that guides parents nationwide, and The Danny Chitwood Early Learning Institute, which provided consultation and training, began their outreach to the community at RCC. A Little About Us Resurrection Children's Center is a private, non profit, non-sectarian preschool founded in Alexandria in 1970. Resurrection Children's Center admits children of any race, color, national or ethnic origin and is licensed by the State of Virginia. Our Program Resurrection Children's Center offers a dynamic and innovated early childhood education program for 45 children. Children at Resurrection Children's Center participate in community service projects and look forward to weekly visits with residents at a Goodwin House, our neighboring retirement community. Outdoor activities are a priority and children spend at least 30 minutes each day on a well-equipped playground. Resurrection Children's Center also provides annual vision and sensory integration screenings. Our Mission Resurrection Children's Center offers a model for family-centered, inclusive, cooperative preschool education to the community. Our mission is: to provide children with active learning experiences which facilitate social-emotional, cognitive, and physical growth through the use of the developmentally appropriate HIGH/SCOPE curriculum; to promote inclusive classrooms where diversity is treasured and children with differing needs, abilities, and cultural backgrounds learn to grow together; to create a supportive environment where parents are active participants in the classroom, work as a team with teachers, and become effective, life-long advocates for their children. Curriculum At the heart of RCC's program is the nationally recognized and developmental High/Scope Curriculum. This internationally acclaimed educational system views children as decision makers and active learners who learn most naturally through play. Within the context of play, the curriculum emphasizes independent thinking, problem solving, and the development of socialization and cognitive skills, as well as creative exploration through art, music, and movement. Children leave Resurrection Children's Center as confident and eager learners, ready for the challenges of kindergarten. In addition, goals and activities from the Handwriting Without Tears program and Ramps and Pathways (designed to provide hands on exploration of the physical sciences) are woven into the daily routine in each classroom as appropriate. Parent Education and Involvement In our cooperative preschool, all parents work in their child's classroom on a rotating basis. This gives parents the opportunity to take an active role in their child's first learning experience away from home. Resurrection Children's Center also offers a supportive parent education program, including monthly coffees and a parenting hotline. Formal parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year. The Staff Teachers and administrators are trained, caring, and skilled in assessment and individualized planning. They work closely with families to create an effective educational program for each child. A speech and language therapist, an occupational therapist, and an educational consultant are on staff to guide and support teachers and parents and work with children who need additional services. Teacher-Student Ratio Each class is limited to 9 to 12 students and is conducted by 2 highly qualified teachers and a parent helper. There is a ratio of 1 adult to 3 students in the youngest class and 1 adult to 4 students in the older classes. Community Support Resurrection Children's Center depends on community support, corporate and foundation grants, and individual donations to fund its unique program. It participates in both the United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign. The Church of the Resurrection houses our program and the congregation has provided strong support for the Center since its founding. Other community organizations that support Resurrection Children's Center include: Katherine Pollard Maddux Memorial Mental Health Foundation Alexandria Day Nursery and Children's Home (an extension of the Alexandria Rotary Club) Ivakota Association, Inc. The Kathy Wilson Foundation Washington Forrest Foundation The Kiwanis Club of Alexandria Alexandria-Lincolnia Lions Mt. Olivet Foundation Financial Assistance A limited amount of financial assistance for tuition or therapy is available.

Little Beginnings CDC

Little Beginnings Child Development Center is a cooperative child care program for working parents that allows them to participate in their child's... early education experience. Parents are members, and a parent Board of Directors is the policy-making body of this non-profit, 501c (3) corporation. Little Beginnings offers high-quality early childhood education and care for children between three months and five years old. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, aesthetic, language, and intellectual development of young children. At Little Beginnings, we believe that each child is entitled to responsive and respectful care attuned to his or her developmental abilities, individual temperament, and interests. In our program, you will see: - Positive, warm interactions among adults and children - Planned learning activities appropriate to children's ages and level of development such as block building, painting, reading stories, dress-up and active outdoor play - Teachers committed to professional development - Low child-to-teacher ratios allowing for individual attention - Many varied age-appropriate materials - A healthy and safe environment for children - Nutritious meals and snacks - Regular communication with parents who are welcome visitors at all times - Systematic ongoing evaluation Our Mission Established in 1986, Little Beginnings Child Development Center is a non-profit, year-round, full-day childcare center based in Arlington, Virginia. At Little Beginnings we believe that each child is entitled to responsive and respectful care, attuned to his or her developmental abilities, individual temperament, and interests. Through a collaborative framework, parents and teachers work together to create an inclusive, safe, and nurturing environment where all children will grow and thrive. In keeping with standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, well-trained teachers implement the daily classroom program, guided by the High/Scope® approach to early learning and Conscious Discipline®. As members of the cooperative, parents and teachers have both the right and the responsibility to participate in the operation of the organization. We are a learning community where personal and professional growth is encouraged, and where everyone's perspective — children, parents, and teachers — is valued.

Young Achievers

Preschool (Ages 2-4 years old Young Achievers offer an excellent curriculum, which provides an age appropriate curriculum. Children are nurtured in a... safe, learning and child friendly environment. The curriculum has shown to improve cognitive and social, emotional outcomes in young children. The curriculum is designed to inspire creativity and present a variation of open-ended learning activities. Lesson plans are developmentally appropriate and includes: 1) Language and Literacy 2) Mathematical Thinking 3) Scientific Thinking 4) Social Studies 5) Physical Development 6) Personal and Social Skills 7) The Arts and Performing Arts and 8) Field Trips Children learn an exuberant amount of learning through play, teacher directed, problem solving and self-selected activities. Teachers maintain observation notes and children portfolio. Parent-Teacher conferences are offered three times per year. Extra programs for pre-school child will participate in include Spanish and Sign Languages classes, and Weekly Reader subscription. Breakfast and afternoon snacks are served as well as the milk at lunch time, parents pack lunches from home. Pre-Kindergarten This program is for children turning 4 by September 1, and 5 years after September 1, of the year entering the program. Children will enjoy all of the same activities mentioned above and receive individualized interactions with teachers due to the small group environment. Children in this program plan for their daily work in the classroom learning center. Before & After School Program Your school-age child attending Young Achievers, first through sixth grades, are provided and well planned series of activities and project to be involved in. The group produce and put on plays. The Before & After School Program planning is geared towards socialization, homework time, fun and challenging games, sports, and creativity for their enjoyment.

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